Individual counselling can be helpful to address life challenges, family changes, and a multitude of mental health concerns. I provide individual counselling for many commonly experienced issues, (e.g., stress, relationship issues, depressed, mood, anxiety, anger, grief/loss, and other difficulties). I love working with clients of all ages - children, youth, and adults. When working with children and/or youth, parents/caregivers are asked to actively participate and engage in the process. If you have any questions about how you can get help for your child, please let me know.

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Couples therapy creates the space where partners can deepen their connection with each other, improve communication, develop strategies to cope with life challenges and build relational safety. My approach to couples is grounded in attachment theory and interventions are primarily drawn from Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couple. Our focus will be to resolve the root cause of problems that show up within their adult relationship and get in the way of security. With increased awareness of how past experiences influence feelings of connection, empathy and compassion are fostered and healing can begin. 

Family Time


Family counselling provides the opportunity for all members to discuss important issues in a safe space, inviting understanding of each other's needs, increased respect, communication and teamwork . While focusing on the family system, not on one individual person, I strive  to help families to find deeper understanding and opportunities to reconstruct meaning. 

Support is available for parents who are experiencing change, conflict, or other challenges, with the goal of strengthening communication and connection.

Group Discussion



Therapeutic groups are a highly effective form of treatment.  The opportunity to share your story and witness the stories of others in similar circumstances can be a powerful healing force. Group can provide an alternative method to unpack adversity and emotional struggles in a safe and trusting environment, infringing success in areas such as parenting, depression, relationships, and child and youth related concerns.  

I am a certified CONNECT© Parent Group Facilitator; a 10-week attachment based program. The focus of this group is to expand understanding of behaviour as a way of communication and the importance of secure attachments. 

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