Practicing with intention required me to personally experience the process of creating art. I needed to invite Faith into my life and into my practice. Faith in the process. Faith in a higher being. Faith in the ability of others' to change. Most importantly, faith in myself. Before I ask others to engage in a process, I must be willing to do the same. My final art piece and poem about faith, the virtue I need more of in my life are pictured below. 

Practice With Intention 

"How many times do we ask a client to master a skill that we have not yet mastered or confront a problem that is still unresolved for us?" (Kottler, 2017, p. 246)


She embodies all things​. 

Her roots run deep,​

Her tears seep into the soil around you,​

Giving life to all that is real.​

All that exists lives within her, ​

Humility, ​





And hope​

For all these things,​

Are born through, ​



~ Angela Normand

Faith ​

She wears ribbons of hope,​

That twirl around her as she dances.​

Softly whispering memories of the past, ​

And dreams for the future.​

She exists within the voice of a child,​

The breath of a mother.​

They say she is easy to lose, ​

But she never leaves your side.​

She waits patiently in your shadow,​

Reminding you of her presence.

She's in the flower, ​

Growing in the cracks in the sidewalk.​

She's in the faint smell,​

Of your grandmothers perfume. ​

Even when she is rejected  ​

Or when her existence is denied,​

She is patiently waiting.​​

Expressive Arts
Learning Supports Department
Rocky View School Division
Learning to walk the talk.

After attending Carmen Richardson's Expressive Arts Therapy for Traumatized Children and Adolescents: A Four-Phase Model I was asked to share my learning with 70 members of my Learning Support Team. I led them through a process of identifying and exploring missing virtues in their lives. Using art, we explored the importance of balance and tapping into the fun and spontaneous pieces of ourselves that are easily forgotten. The images below illustrate this creative process, concluding with a colleagues art and poetry.




Create a piece of art that represents what you need to invite into your life. ​


Choose a name that is fitting for your piece. 


Give your art a voice by creating a story,

song, or poem. ​

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Art work.jpg
sherri art.jpg

Art  With The Executives

art pres.jpg

Art and Poem by Trish Cull

Learning Specialist, Rocky View School Division. Shared with permission.

Trish art.jpg

Nurtured by the past

My mother's essence settle in my heart, my mind

A body of water feeding the roots of my family

Puzzle pieces of people and experiences inexplicably linked

Nurtured in the past

Tangled in the love and struggle of motherhood

Supported by sisters never far away

Buried in possibility within the pages of books

Nurture by the future

Protected by the arms of home

I grapple to trust in the promise of almost moon

The remaining sliver a beacon of hope

Kottler, J. A. (2017). On being a therapist. New York: Oxford University Press. 

This presentation was designed based on the workshop and book by Carmen Richardson.

Richardson, C. (2016). Expressive arts therapy for traumatized children and adolescents: A four-phase model. New York: Routledge.