Graduate Coursework

Fall Foliage

CAAP 6601

Theories of Counselling and their Application to Client Change

 Scales of Justice

CAAP 6603

Professional Ethics & Conduct


CAAP 6605

Foundational Counselling and Conflict Resolution Skills

Buddha Statue

CAAP 6607

Counselling Diverse Clients


CAAP 6611

General Counselling Practicum

Reviewing for the Exam

CAAP 6613

Assessment Processes and Application

Distanced Couple

CAAP 6615

Counselling Strategies and Interventions


CAAP 6617

Research and Program Evaluation 


CAAP 6619

Specialized Counselling Practicum

Brain Sketch

CAAP 6631

Cognitive and Affective Bases of Behaviour


CAAP 6635

Biosocial Foundations of Health

Therapy Session

CAAP 6637

Group Counselling and Process Skills 

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